Big Island Elopement | Perry + Kallie


Perry + Kallie

This beautiful Elopement took place on the Big Island, Hawaii. Kallie contacted me with their idea to say “I Do” and jump the cliffs at South Point into the ocean. I was freaking out. I COULD NOT MISS OUT ON THE OPPORTUNITY TO CAPTURE THIS. We talked back and forth on email a bit and had a FaceTime and it was set in stone -I got to be their photographer! I was overflowing with excitement and got in contact with my photographer + videographer friend in Seattle area and got her in on it to do the video for them.

So - jump to the day of - May 5th, 2019. The day before was a bit rainy and windy and we were hesitant about going all the way to South Point and being in the middle of nowhere with wind and rain and inability to jump the cliff… SO, we made a literal last minute decision to head to a location not as far south. And I have to say I may have been even more in love with this location.

So the swells were huge that day and were crashing into the cliffs, so it was a good call we didn’t go all the way to South Point! They did their first look in the Lava Fields in Kona, then we headed south and they eloped at this location and we spend the rest of the time there until after sunset capturing their love and ended with a POP - (sparklers!!) Enjoy the story via photos!